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Arkansas Warehouse Inc. (AWI) is a third party logistics provider of contract warehousing. We operate over 500,000 square feet of warehouse facilities in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We warehouse finished goods as well as raw materials and our warehouses include dock high concrete and steel buildings with truck and rail facilities and we meet all guidelines for food grade storage at one location.

We currently work with a large number of national and international companies. In addition to warehouse facilities we offer a full complement of manufacturing support services. [Read more...]


Inventory Tracking

Experience Counts!

A number of national corporations have out sourced accessorial services to AWI. Our IT department functions currently in three separate and distinct systems. We have our own warehouse management system.

With over 16 years of experience, AWI is prepared to evaluate and resolve your various supply chain concerns. All AWI customers have access (24/7) to our online inventory management website for current updated product information.

We operate several of our customer computer systems (SWAP, Oracle, WhereNet, Shiloh, PATS, & SAP).